Saturday, May 9, 2009

What to do on a 4 day weekend in Paris

Ok I did it AGAIN. Pictures are all funky out of order - sorry... Just start at the top and you'll get the gist of what happened. :)

Ok, this guy was absolutely hilarious. While we waited in the line for an hour, he would come up behind unsuspecting tourists across the street and walk beside them, put his arm on their shoulder, etc. and scare the crap out of them. The best times were when he approached a group of middle-school aged kids and another time when he crouched down and came up behind a dad and pretened to be the kid that was walking a couple steps behind (he held the dad's hand for 30 seconds before the dad turned back and freaked out!). Mom, I know you won't think that it's funny but if you'd been there you would have seen it was all in good fun :)

Lovely view


Francisco accompanied me for the day

With some of the famous gargoyles

You can see Sacre Coeur!

Great view of the city

Notre Dame ("our lady") watching over Paris

This picture doesn't give a good representation of just how tall this tower was

Entering into Quasimodo's territory

Up the stairs

Quasimodo's bell!

Yup, he's eating grapes :)

A famous view of the city

Waiting for our turn to walk down the 400+ stairs

Pompidou! Where the outsides are in and the insides are out

Up, up and away!

First works of art I saw when I walked in

She's probably 12 feet tall

And made of paper mache babies

Cool huh?

I want this painted on my bedroom wall


Geomtric yo

Haha funny/creepy looking man

I'm so bad at remember names of paintings and the artists that made them

Can you see the likeness? ;-)


My first Picasso

This one fascinated me

Look - it's C3PO!

My second Picasso

You can see the Eiffel Tower in random bits

Like my skirt? Bought it in London for 7 pounds!

Outside of Pompidou... It's a cool looking building but stuck in the middle of Paris it really is an eyesore compared to everything else

Yet again

Gotta love the light show! :)

Beautiful flowers - check out the prices! 12 euros for an arrangement like that???

The random church I stopped in

I liked this

Spiral marble staircase

An old pipe organ!

It's quite a bit smaller than Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur but beautiful nonetheless

Yup, that's what it's called

From the outside

Haha... ha... ha... (grand = big, hommes = men)

It looks like any other building... But look at it's name....

Oh my gosh the Pantheon is HUGE

The pendulum that proved that the earth moves (it rotated around the pendulum, which is hung "in space")

I cannot begin to describe how immensely huge this place is

Voltaire is buried here

Marie Curie

Victor Hugo

Alexander Dumas

Cool angle

The Pantheon is ginormous

There were huge wall paintings on every available wallspace

Joan d'Arc

From the outside

Yup, I was here! (This is what you get when you site-see by yourself... Random pictures at funny angles)

A couple that got married in the church I visited!

Dum dum dum dum, what's inside???

Oh. My. Gosh.

Could I have a lifetime supply PLEASE???

Sooooooo good

Cute little old couple

Haven't taken one of these in awhile... I had to wait 10 minutes to get this shot cause there was this woman who would not stop looking at the map.

Musee Rodin

Guess what I found.... :-D

Rose Garden

This baby was adorable!

The Thinker!

Me not thinking and the Thinker.... well... thinking...

Musee Rodin


Me and statue

Cool door thingie that I forgot it's name

Miniature Thinker

Lots of detail

And babies

Parting shot

Another statue

Tomorrow I'm going to see les Invalides

I was so surprised when I saw this. Yes, this is a "gas station" on the side of the road... Can you believe it???

Another side of Paris - I couldn't believe I was in the same city!

See how different?

Finally went to see it

Yup, me and Arch de la Defense

What a great end to a lovely day :)

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  1. We cracked up at your C3PO comment, loved the Thinker (glad you found him by accident!) and must say that the greatest emotion by far, felt by family at home, is jealously after suffering the torture of viewing your precious pastry.